Sunday, November 11, 2007


1. on the egg donation: Not too much to report yet. I have just finished up all the testing, paperwork, etc. that I had to do before everything gets started. When I was at the doctor's office this week, I was chatting with the nurse and she mentioned that I was the first egg donor they've had there. I found that surprising, do you? She also told me that the recipient would be very lucky to get a child like mine, as they are so smart and well-behaved. Clearly, she knows how to get in my good graces - I think she's my new best friend.

2. on my spinning: Here's the second skein off my Ladybug:

It's the merino I bought when J and I had our date. This was my first time Navajo-plying and it definitely came out overplied. I like it anyway. I am, after all, still riding the learning curve on this thing. I am actually out of fiber to spin now, which is probably good. Did you know there are only 44 days until Christmas??

3. on the craft fair: Jess and I are knitting away - hats hats hats, neckwarmers neckwarmers neckwarmers, bracelets bracelets bracelets. We scoped out another craft show yesterday, mainly to get some ideas on pricing, but it wasn't too much help. It's really hard to figure out what to charge for things. Do you try to figure out an amount per hour? Do you compare it to what's in stores? Do you factor in the fiber content? Do non-knitters even care about the fiber content? If anybody's got any input on this, I'd love to hear it. Anyway, we did get to check out all the different ways people display things, and get a few ideas. And speaking of displays, look what J built for us!

I'm telling you, single ladies, don't marry for love, or money - marry for DIY skills. I really lucked out: J does woodworking, home fix-it type stuff, car repair, plumbing, electrical stuff. . . He's pretty cute, too. :)

Well, I think things are pretty well caught up now. Enjoy the holiday weekend!