Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dude. It's snowing.

My inner five-year-old is jumping up and down, and I'm not ashamed to say that my outer 28-year-old is not far removed. Come February I'll probably not be so excited (although, really, who am I kidding?), but now my thoughts are pretty much "Oooh, look at that!!" Like my backyard:

This picture is deceiving; it's really only sticking on grass/leaves. Most things are just wet. Like my car:

Yeah, I tried to get a picture where you could actually see that snow is falling, which you can see best against a dark background. My car is black, so I figured that would work. You can sort of see it - see? The little white lines? Snow, of course. But I know my big goofy reflection kind of distracts from the snow. Eh, oh well.

This afternoon the boys and I will bake cookies. This evening, although I do have to work, I will settle down after everything's all done with some knitting, a cup of coffee, and J. I will spend today welcoming the snow. Even if it's not really here for a while.