Tuesday, November 6, 2007

all right, I'm in

So I'm sure everybody in the blogosphere knows about the NaBloPoMo thing by now. I had been toying with the idea of doing this for a little while, torturing myself with the pros and cons, as is my wont. And actually, the toying time should have pretty much been over, as it is November and thus already started.

I thought it might be too much as the most posts I have ever written in one month is 16, and 16 to 30 is a pretty big jump. But it seems fun, and one of those camaraderie-laden bloggy internet-y things like KALs and Ravelry groups that I love so much. Because I am a joiner! And finding new readers, meeting new people, making new friends - that's why we do this blogging thing, right? I realize I am totally overthinking all this.

Anyway, I figured I'd try it out for a little bit, see how posting every day would be, then join if I thought I could do it. This is probably cheating. But I have posted every day for about a week now and my brain has not exploded, so there - I've officially joined. I'll put the buttons and whatnot on tomorrow - it's about my bedtime.

My apologies in advance if I post about diapers some time in the next month. I hope it will not come to that.