Thursday, November 29, 2007

finding fun

So, what exactly should you do with those felted beads you've made? Well, googly eyes are always fun.

And if, say, your 9-year-old son is sitting at the table doing his homework, and you sneak around the other side of the table, ducking down so he can't see you, and you slowly poke the googly-eyed guy right up next to him, and say in a funny voice, "I'm waaatching yooouuu . . ."
Well, he will about fall off his chair laughing. Not that I would disrupt my child's studies in such a way, of course.

Actually, I take that back. I would, and I did, do something like that. Because they're kids, and they're not going to be kids forever, and I like to take opportunities for fun when they arrive.

Today we received a package in the mail: the gigantic order from Omaha Steaks that my father-in-law sends us every Christmas. You know what is the best part? (Besides their freaking awesome au gratin potatoes, I mean.) It comes with a big chunk of dry ice. Dry ice is so. cool.

ETA: There's more, a lot more, to this video than those 5 seconds. Sorry - I'm not sure why it didn't all post.
Here's to taking time to find fun!