Saturday, November 3, 2007

in which I talk about knitting

I've got a bit of a backlog of posts to do, although I've been posting a lot lately, so I'll try to break it up into little categories. Because I am nothing if not organized.

First knitting, because I finished my mom's socks forever ago and haven't gotten around to posting them yet. Is this not the most gorgeous color you've ever seen?

I don't even normally gravitate toward blue (this yarn was specifically purchased for this gift) but man this color is pretty.

The specifics:
pattern: Roza's socks by Grumperina from the spring 2007 Interweave Knits
yarn: Socks That Rock lightweight in Blue Brick Wall
needles: size 1 Addis (magic loop)
mods: probably a lot. I was carrying this around in my purse and the magazine didn't really fit, so I followed the pattern in the beginning for the stitch pattern and the totally cute bit of purl stitches between the cuff and the leg, then just kind of went on my own from there. I did the Yarn Harlot's sock recipe heel, added some width in the ball of the foot for my mom's bunions (sorry, mom, about telling the internet about your bunions) and tried it on myself to figure out where to start decreasing for the toe. I'm guessing it's probably about the same as the original pattern.

The other project I've got going right now is the Classic Teddy Bear from the IK Holiday issue. I wanted to use the handspun I made on a stuffed animal for Baby Sister, and this pattern was very cute and looked like it would go quickly. I'm changing it from a bear to a dog, and upping the gauge a little bit. The handspun looks to be about worsted weight, and the pattern calls for a dk weight, I think. I like the way it looks so far:

I am about to run out of the "good skein" and have to start on the "not so good skein" but hopefully I will continue to like it. It's really all about the sentimental value with this one. With any luck it will become a favorite of hers and she will love it 'til it felts.
Oh - and just for the sake of completion, I also made a pair of mittens for Baby Sister's cold little hands. She hates them very much.

Next post: the spinning wheel!!! Squee in advance with me!