Monday, October 22, 2007

cabled neckwarmer

This originally started out as a hat. I had some pretty chunky yarn, I thought at the time I'd be making the turtleneck shrug from Scarf Style in a similar color, and I wanted to be all cute and matchy-matchy. You know, to fool people into thinking I've got it together.
Surprisingly, none of that actually happened; the shrug didn't look right and got frogged, and I ran out of yarn on the hat. I finished it with a different color, but I didn't really like that either, so in the end I ripped back to before I has started decreasing, bound off, and called it a neckwarmer.
I wore said neckwarmer a couple of weeks ago when I went on the Providence ghost tour (fun fun!) and was honestly surprised to get several compliments on it. My sister also told me I should make them for the craft fair, and one for her too. I will definitely be doing that, and I am also posting the (super simple) pattern here. Enjoy! Also enjoy the closeup of my nostrils!

yarn: any chunky-weight yarn, I used Jo Sharp Silk Road Ultra in cardomom
needles: US size 11 circular/ double-pointed needles
gauge: 14st/18 rows = 4" in st st
finished size: about 15" circumference unstretched, but it's really stretchy

CO 63 st. Join for working in the round, being careful not to twist sts.
Rounds 1-4: work in k4, p3 ribbing.
Round 5: *sl 2 st to cable needle, allow to hang in front of your work, k2, k2 from cable needle (or try this!), p3, repeat from *.
Repeat rounds 1 - 5 three more times.
Work 3 rounds of k4, p3 ribbing.
BO in pattern. Weave in ends. Block gently.

Speaking of patterns, I have listed the pattern for the flame hat (Ravelry link) in my etsy store. Okay, shameless self-promotion over. Happy knitting!