Thursday, November 1, 2007


Nothing makes a Halloween costume (and also a 1990's teenage girl's look) like:

Yep, I went through a few cans of that in junior high. Last night, however, we put it to better use. Presenting a zombie and a rock star:

They're such hams. They don't get that from me . . . or J, come to think of it. Maybe my sister.
The littlest costume did not require any hairspray:

That really is the best picture I could get; she was just not interested. She did like trick-or-treating, or at least the walking around part. She is so. over. being carried. I did one street with her, then brought her home to J and went back out with the boys. Not to sound like a crotchety old person here, but these kids are totally spoiled with Halloween night weather. It hasn't been really cold in recent memory - last night they didn't even wear jackets. When I was a kid, I wore the "fat ballerina" costume several times. You know, with the tree-trunk legs because I had sweatpants on under my tights? Not these kids. Darn whippersnappers. Get me my rocking chair! And my knitting! Okay, I'm starting to frighten myself now . . .