Monday, November 19, 2007

big things and little things

Lately I've been knitting a lot of little things. Actually, over my 2-ish year knitting history, I've knitted mostly little things. Hats, mittens, socks, etc. Which is why I can't get over the size of this to-be-felted seat cover I'm working on:

It doesn't actually look all that big; if it were a sweater, I wouldn't even be halfway done. But to somebody used to all those little things, it feels more like this:

Miles and miles of stockinette, receding into the distance. When I pull it out of its bag, and when I'm knitting on it, it just feels like there's so much fabric all over the place. Hanging all over my lap - I'm so not used to it. One thing I can say, though, is that I'm so glad I did the chart after the plain bit. I can't imagine finishing the interesting part and having about 100 rows of plain knitting ahead. . .
Another little thing that is feeling like a big thing to me: this is the first Thanksgiving I will be spending without my sister. She's going to her boyfriend's family's house, and I guess it's kind of
surprising it hasn't come up before, both of us being fairly well into adulthood and all. But J has always come to my mom's house with us, and my sister Nancy has not really been seriously enough involved with a boyfriend for it to be an issue. Don't get me wrong: I and everybody else in the family like the boyfriend a lot. I'm just, at the moment, thinking, "Oh, yeah, that was going to happen . . ." It'll be different, that's all.
And lastly, something that is a big thing around here: yesterday was the final NASCAR race of the season. Her are my boys all geared up for the race:

Jimmie Johnson won the championship, if you're interested. J, for one, is pretty excited.
See you tomorrow. :)