Tuesday, July 31, 2007

fo: montego bay scarf

So I had this one skein of orangey-red Koigu, that I bought for no other reason than that it was $5. I decided to make the montego bay scarf, and I kept it in Baby Sister's room to work on while sitting with her as she falls asleep. So it took a month to make a short scarf, but I really like it:

I added the leather buttons to compensate for the fact that it's not long enough to wrap all the way around my neck without looking stupid. They add some versatility - and they were 50 cents! Have you done the math? $5.50 for this scarf! I am so impressed with myself right now. :)

I'm trying to get stuff finished up so I can bring all new stuff on our upcoming vacation. Camping trip! Saturday! Yay!

Yikes, this post is lousy with exclamation points. Better stop now before I hurt myself. (!!!)