Thursday, July 5, 2007

I'm on Ravelry!

Yaaaaay, Ravelry!!

I got my invitation yesterday (I squealed when I saw it, I'll admit it) and it's as totally awesome as I thought it would be. I can feel myself getting more organized.

I also finished up my sister's pedicure socks and packed them up to send to her (after taking a couple of pictures, of course). J asked why I didn't just give them to her when I saw her on Saturday, but what fun is that? Getting packages in the mail rocks, especially when you are not expecting them. Because you think your sister ran out of yarn and stuffed the socks in the bottom of a bin, never to see the light of day again. But I wouldn't have done that, even if I hadn't serendipitously found another skein. Nah, not me. Cough. So, how about those pictures?

I also started the baby socks for the niece/nephew-to-be. Two socks on one circular, woo-hoo! I like this technique a lot, even if it requires a bit of concentration. I haven't fused them together yet, knock on wood.

Funny how even though I haven't really made any progress on the projects I have stalled on, finishing the last few rounds of my sister's socks (I ran out of yarn ridiculously close to the end), starting something new, and putting stuff up on Ravelry has made me feel all sorts of productive. Mmmmm. Must bask in the glow while it lasts. Avoid looking at laundry pile or kitchen sink . . .