Friday, August 3, 2007

this post is like a clown car

I've got so much stuff to cram into it!

First, some fo's. Here's the baby surprise jacket, which will be for the niece/nephew-to-be:

I used a couple of different yarns: Berroco Touche in yellow and green, and Lion Microspun in beige and greeen. Both are machine washable, and I had colors that were gender-neutral and looked good together, even if the two greens are not quite the same. I will definitely be making another one of these for Baby Sister.

This is a coffee mug jacket, the pattern for which I found through the "Caffeine Addicts" group on Ravelry.

I was originally going to make two and give them to my cousin and her husband as part of their wedding present, but after making the one, I really don't feel like making another. It's not the pattern's fault; I really like the pattern. Call it SMJS (Second Mug Jacket Syndrome), exacerbated by scratchy yarn. (It's hand-me-down wool from the 60's or 70's.) Oh well, I still got her a gift certificate.

Last night, my mom, Old Friend, and I went to see the Yarn Harlot at a Borders in Burlington, MA. It was awesome, we had such a good time.

We got there quite close to the start of her talk. We purchased our books and went downstairs to where the talk was, and there were so many knitters. More knitters than I could have imagined seeing all at once. Just look at them all.
Yeah, we ended up sitting pretty far back. We were also nearly last in line to get our books signed, but we didn't really care. Here's me with Stephanie and the traveling sock:

Holy shiny forehead, Batman, it was hot in there! Here's Old Friend with Stephanie and the traveling sock. Note how she is showing considerably more sock-fondling restraint than I am. What can I say, it was very soft.

I also met Jess and Casey, the geniuses behind Ravelry! I think my social awkwardness made me look kind of crazy-stalker to them. Sorry, Jess and Casey.

The talk itself was great, just hilarious. Panties were thrown, indispensable advice like, "You don't knit for crack ho's" was given, and a good time was had by all. As I mentioned, we were just about last in line to get our books signed, a good couple of hours after the talk ended, and Stephanie was nothing but kind and gracious.


Well, I really ought to be heading off to bed. We leave for camping in upstate NY in the morning, so I'll be away for the next week. I always look forward to this trip. J's family has been going to the same campground since the 1950's. It's quiet and relaxing, there's a lake, and uber-touristy Lake George is right nearby, which is always fun. The kids love it - you would think camping with little kids would be hard, but it's really not. They love being outside all the time, and they sleep really well! Little Brother holds the official family record of Youngest Camper, at one month old. So maybe we're crazy.

Anyway, see you next week!