Friday, July 20, 2007

monkey socks, and I rock! Burma shave!

So psyched I got to use "burma shave" on my blog. But anyway. First things first, the monkey socks are done!

I used Cherry Tree Hill's supersock merino in the forest colorway, and I did stray from the pattern by using size 1 needles (addis, magic loop) instead of size 2's. I also made the heel flap a little shorter; it was just looking HUGE as I was knitting it. Oh yeah, and I knit part of the second sock while under the influence of painkillers.

I love the way these came out, although I think I would do a different heel if I was going to do them again. The flap was plain stockinette and I think I'd do something a little sturdier.

And why do I rock? Because Amy says I do! She kindly nominated me to be a Rockin' Girl Blogger. Very cool.

In describing why she rocked, Amy mentioned her sons' cool taste in music. So along those same lines, my boys are big fans of Green Day and Weezer, sing along to Bob Dylan and the Beatles, and they even used to have mohawks:

Sorry about the blurry. Anyway, hopefully my street cred has been established. :)
I'm not sure how many people I'm supposed to nominate, but the only person I know (from commenting, anyway) who has not been nominated is Jayjay. Rock on, Jayjay!
That's it for now - I'd like to try to get some knitting in before midnight, Harry Potter time!! Yay!