Friday, July 20, 2007

while I'm waiting

to go pick up HP7, I have a couple of Harry Potter-related stories I can't resist sharing.

Old Friend has been going out at midnight to get the new HP book since Book 4. I have been joining her since Book 5. The first time we went together, we went to Borders at 12 and got in line with all the other schmoes. Except most of them had pre-ordered, or put their names down at noon, or camped out overnight, or offered the Borders employees their firstborn child. So we waited . . . and waited . . . and waited . . . at about 1:30 dark rumors started to spread that they were not going to have enough books. Since we had several of Old Friend's cousins with us, who were about 14-15 at the time, we decided to leave. Driving home we saw a Stop & Shop open 24 hours, and remembered they had a book section. We went in. Shelves of HP5. No other customers. We got our books and went home happy.

The next time around we planned to go to Stop & Shop. We did so, and got our books with no problem at about 12:02. On the way home we were chatting about a mutual friend who was pregnant at the time, when Old Friend said, "Hey, guess who else is pregnant?"
"Who?" I asked.
"Me," she said, and I almost DROVE US OFF THE ROAD. Seriously, she said it as I was taking a turn. I almost killed a pregnant woman.

Life-threatening trauma aside, I am really looking forward to tonight. I plan to get the book, drive home (hopefully without incident), flop on the couch, and read read read until I pass out. :)