Monday, May 7, 2007

what is this, American Freaking Idol?

I heart the internets for many obvious reasons, and one of them is craigslist. I used to spend way too much time there (before I discovered knitting and blogs) but now I just mainly peruse now and then. One thing I always check out is the job listings, whether I'm looking or not. The ones in the "etc." category are often amusing, but at the moment I really am looking so I've been checking the "education" category.

So I ended up filling out an application to teach SAT prep courses at Kaplan, and the first thing you need to do after you've applied is audition. Yup, I said audition. I have to teach a five-minute lesson on something, and it can't be academic. Hmmm . . . non-academic subject . . . something I'm interested in . . . yeah, I think it's going to be knitting-related. Of course, I can't actually bring in yarn and needles and teach people to knit in five minutes, so I'm not exactly sure how to approach this. Plus it needs to be, you know, not boring. (I don't mean to speak heresy here - of course we all know that knitting isn't boring.)

I immediately called my Radio Personality Sister, figuring she'd know a bit about being entertaining. Her suggestion was to focus on how knitting has its own language, maybe break down a pattern and explain it. Is that entertaining? I mean to a non-knitter? I'm open to any and all comments/suggestions!