Friday, May 18, 2007

ready for my closeup

So on Monday, I arrived at the Kaplan center with my resume, test scores, head shots . . . okay, that's my last "audition" joke, I promise. Anyway, I was still kind of unsure about what topic I wanted to use for this five-minute "teacher audition," so I brought notes for three different ones, planning to choose on the fly based on what other people were doing. Shrewd, no?

I ended up talking not about anything knitting-related, but about another hobby of mine, letterboxing. I thought that I had sweated and stumbled through the whole thing (teaching an hour-long physics class is way easier than a five-minute presentation/audition, btw), but afterward a couple people told me that letterboxing sounded really fun, and on Wednesday I got an email accepting me into their teacher training program. So - yay! This is not exactly a high-paying job, but I think it will be more reliable than the in-home tutoring and it will enable me to stay part-time a bit longer. If I can do that until Baby Sister is in school, I will be very happy indeed.

And on a totally unrelated topic, take a look at this!

It's Big Brother's first knitting! I'm so proud!