Tuesday, May 15, 2007

my weekend was great, thank you very much

On Saturday, I went to Yarn It All in North Attleboro with my mom. We each bought some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn - she's knitting her first pair of socks! My mom's been knitting forever; she does a lot of blankets, sweaters, slippers. But she was kind of in her groove of using only straight needles and worsted weight yarns. Well, she picked up some beautiful yarn - deep blues and purples - and a set of Addi Turbos, and now she's working on some toe-up ribbed socks. Her excitement when the toe was done was just awesome - I felt like I was returning the favor of her teaching me to knit.
Speaking of toe-up socks . . .

Baby Jays!

There they go . . .
And some for me!

Then on Sunday we went out to breakfast, which I love, and spent some quality time in the backyard.

Did I mention I finally replaced the broken camera? Yay!!