Sunday, May 6, 2007


Alternate Title: Things I've Been Meaning to Blog About All Week
  • Baby Sister's birthday party! Finally! It was so cute, she had a lot of fun. Here are some of the obligatory cake-eating pictures:

And this - I don't know what's up with the face she's making, but it amuses me:

  • She and her boyfriend Magic Baby were just all over each other. I'm sure we'll discourage this much more when they are teenagers. In the meantime, to hear them together is very funny. She hides and calls, "Magic Baaabyyy . . ." until he finds her. I've been told he says her name in his sleep. These, by the way, are two babies who have yet to say, "Mama."
  • knitting: no pictures of this at the moment, still between cameras (grrr). I've finished Baby Sister's Jaywalker socks - they are so freaking adorable I can't even tell you. Then, with perfect timing, what should arrive but the new IK! And it had a whole article on toe-up socks, which included the super-cool eastern cast-on. I was having issues with the provisional cast-on for the short-row toes on the Jaywalkers: I couldn't seem to pick up the stitches in the right place on my crochet chain, and when I went to pull out the chain, I ended up having to cut it out of every stitch. So the cast-on in the magazine was just what I needed: a way to do the toe-ups without the short-row toe. I think it was fate.
  • This weekend was pretty busy - we had a yard sale at my mom's. I was very good: I brought home less crap than I left home with. Is this just me, or do multi-family yard sales end up being, to some degree, a Crap Exchange?
  • Little Brother's teeth have finally started to grow in after setting some sort of record. They fell out in November. That's over 5 months, people! I've never heard of anybody being sans front teeth for that long. It was fun to sing the song to him at Christmas, but by Easter . . .