Monday, September 3, 2007

I really ought to post more often.

It's been a busy week, with all sorts of stuff going on, making me periodically think to myself, "Gee, I should post about this today." Mmmm. So until I get better at posting when things actually happen, here is another clown-car post, with a bunch of different things in it.

First, the boys are back at school! They've had two days so far, both of which were described by Little Brother as "fantastic." That's what we like to hear. Both boys tell me they like their teachers. Big Brother's got his first male teacher, which should be interesting. He's shy and quiet in school, like I was, and I wonder if having a young guy as his teacher will be different.
It's been very quiet at home with just me and Baby Sister, especially when she's napping. In a week or so I'll probably be putting on the npr to fill the silence, but for now it's kind of nice.

I haven't taken much of this "extra time" (yeah, right) for knitting. I did get to go to a meeting of the RI In Stitches group on Thursday (fun!), and between that and staying up maybe a bit too late, I finished Mrs. Darcy. She's still blocking, so I'll have to wait for some modeled shots, but here she is:

She actually fits! This, as I have said before, was my third attempt at a first sweater. The first I finished, actually wore once or twice, before finally admitting to myself that substituting yarns - and not even remotely the same gauge, either - without swatching was a bad idea. I looked like a gorilla. So I frogged it with the help of the boys (did you know unraveling things is hugely entertaining?) and repurposed the yarn for various smaller things. The second time, I still didn't swatch, and I was about a third of the way through before I realized it was coming out way too big and I was not going to have nearly enough yarn. That yarn is still in the stash, awaiting its destiny. Which is not glee. But now I feel the curse lifting, and can perhaps see more sweaters in my future. After Christmas, of course.

And lastly, Saturday night was my ten-year high school reunion! It was a lot of fun, even if the turnout was not as big as I would have hoped. A lot of the people I was friends with weren't there, although for the most part they had excuses - one is living in Germany, one had just had a baby that morning, etc. For the most part, everybody looked just the same, and everybody seems to be doing well. There were doctors, entrepreneurs, a lot of teachers. (I've noticed that Pawtucket really seems to churn out the teachers, for whatever reason.) A few pairs of high school sweethearts, including J and I, were still together. Many people had children, and I got to see (and show) some seriously cute pictures. Of course, it couldn't all be reminiscing and oohing and aahing over snapshots. There was a bar, after all, and I suppose something like this was inevitable.

Yep, some people never change.