Wednesday, September 12, 2007

hemlock ring blanket

Lace + big yarn + big needles = fast and fun knitting!

pattern: hemlock ring blanket, the giant-doily-turned-lap-blanket brilliantly interpreted by brooklyn tweed
yarn: Reynolds Blizzard, a super-bulky alpaca/acrylic blend
needles: size 15 circulars
mods: Well, technically the whole thing is brooklyn tweed's mod of the original doily pattern. I did use different yarn and needles than he did, though.
This thing is so soft, if a bit sheddy. Oddly, the white sheds but the tan does not. I actually finished the knitting over the weekend but it took forever to block - it just did not want to dry. Baby Sister helped me block it. :)

Mine is a bit different from the original. Since the yarn and needles I used were even bigger, the blanket grew really quickly. It's supposed to have the flower section surrounded by a lot more feather and fan, but I had to stop early because I was running out of yarn. Still, it ended up about the right size.

My favorite thing? It's a gift that looks way harder to make than it actually was. :)