Wednesday, September 26, 2007

post #100

For the record, I have never in my whole life kept a diary that had 100 entries in it. Not even close. I guess there is something about blogging, and knitting, too - it's all about the feedback and the community.

And I suppose it is fitting that my 100th post should find me taking another leap. Not a big one - more a chasse than a grand jete, for any ballet types. Old Friend and I have signed up to do a craft fair in November and have set up an etsy shop. Right now there are only stitch markers, but we'd like to work on adding some patterns and doing some dyeing, too. If you click, pardon the quickly cobbled-together banner. If all goes well, our yarn-dyeing, pattern-writing, and photo-manipulating skills will improve soon. Maybe I'll even get around to putting pictures in the header of this blog, since Amy sent me very clear directions, oh, about a month ago.

With kids at home, of course, all this goes at its own (slow) pace. Especially when one encounters bumps in the road, such as, say, the fifth grade. Big Brother is a very bright kid, but as the years go by, he gets increasingly mired in seas of homework. Because they don't give less of it every year. If I don't stay within, say, fifteen feet of him and intermittently ask him how it's going, he's apt to start staring into space, making lovely elaborate margin-drawings, or simply daydreaming. This may present a problem when he's in college, is all I'm saying.
It also does not help that second-grader Little Brother gets so little homework he can sometimes finish it, literally, in less than a minute. Part of Big Brother's problem, I think, is that he skipped a grade when he was younger. I still believe that was the right choice for him - he really was bored working on the alphabet when he could read Harry freaking Potter, and he ended up with the nicest group of kids you can imagine - but it means he's got just that one year less maturity needed to sit down and get stuff done. (Not that I, the alleged adult, have mastered sitting down and getting stuff done, but that's for another day.) I certainly hope he catches up in that regard soon. I worry about it; I remember from teaching what huge difference there is between a 9th-grader and an 11th-grader. But anyway.

I appreciate anybody who has read any number of these 100 posts. I just added the most addicting little counter near the bottom of the sidebar there, so I now I know there there are more than I thought! (Yay!) I'm so glad I decided to jump into the knitting and blogging communities, both on and off the computer. It's inspiration, support, and a chance for adult comversation for a homebody mom like me. What a gift!