Friday, September 21, 2007

baby surprise jacket

This is the second one of these that I have made, and between Ravelry and the Zimmermaniacs blog (both linked to in the sidebar) I must have seen a jillion of them, but this?

It never gets old.
Add some cuffs and buttons, and voila!
The specifics:

yarn: Baruffa Maratona - I loved it. A very smooth and springy merino, yum. Unfortunately, it seems to be pretty impossible to get any more, ever. The store closed and apparently it was the only store outside Italy to carry it, or to have even heard of it. Old Friend had bought not-quite-enough for a baby sweater - let's just say that sweater will have striped sleeves.
needles: size 8 Addis
pattern: EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket. Mine is in the Knitting Workshop.
mods: the ribbed cuffs, and I omitted one buttonhole.
buttons: made out of the kids Shrinky Dinks! I kind of had to guess just how much they'd shrink, and I thought it would be a little weird to make a "gauge shrinky dink." Not that I didn't consider it.

And a garter-stitch project that didn't work out so well . . .

Eh, they can't all be winners.