Wednesday, August 29, 2007

last day

Yesterday was the boys' unofficial Last Day of Summer Vacation. Technically, they go back to school tomorrow, but today there were doctor's appointments (they're both healthy, thanks for asking) and other miscellaneous errands that needed to get done. So yesterday was the last opportunity to do something fun. To fulfill this requirement, Old Friend and I took our kids to the Ecotarium in Worcester, MA. I had never heard of this place, but it was really cool. It's kind of a science museum/zoo/playground and nature trails. The exhibits inside were similarly varied: there was one on circles,

one on insects,

and some birds of prey, among lots of other things.

The kids had a blast, especially at the circles exhibit. (Yep, I'm pretty sure I passed along that math nerd gene.) They also communed with a turtle.

Mesmerizing . . . as if they'd never seen a turtle before.

Plus, we saw this!

I don't know whether or not we ended our summer on a clam, but I think we ended it well.