Saturday, June 30, 2007


I'm not sure why, but the knitting has slowed to a crawl. I've kind of hit a wall with the projects I've got going, and I'm reluctant to cast on anything new, because I'll get antsy if I've got too much stuff on the needles.

The first monkey sock is finished, has been for a little over a week, and the second . . . well, I've finished the ribbing plus one pattern repeat.
The glee is still on the raglan increases (it's knit from the top down) and as there are more and more stitches on the needle, each row takes longer and longer, and it's just stockinette stitch . . . well, it's a really cute sweater but not super-entertaining to knit.
As for the montego bay scarf, I've been keeping that in Baby Sister's room, because sometimes she needs to have somebody in the room with her as she's falling asleep. You don't need to hold her or rock her, just be there, so I figured having a knitting project in there would be a good idea. I hope I'm not ruining my eyes knitting by her little lamp.

Since I haven't been very motivated to knit, I've turned my craftiness to other pursuits. There are the stitch markers, and I've also been trying to forge a relationship with my sewing machine. It's kind of bitter because it lived in its box for a while after I got it. Okay, for four years after I got it. Ahem. This week, though, it's been put to use doing a bit of recycling.

The top picture is a knitting bag made from a sweater that had a washing-machine accident. Those pins on it are from Jane Jenni, and they are totally cute. The bottom picture is a pair of pillows for my couch, made from a skirt that no longer fits. They look better in the picture; the one in the back, especially, is a bit lumpy. I love that print, though. My big sewing project, which I will start soon, I swear, will be a quilt made from all sorts of scraps of tee-shirts, clothes that the kids have outgrown, anything that has a memory attached. I'm looking forward to working up the courage to start on it. :)