Monday, June 25, 2007

bad news and good news

I've got a few things to complain about this evening. Sorry in advance.

  • My tooth still hurts. It will be pulled on July 17th, which is a long time from now, if you hadn't noticed. In the meantime they've given me some extra-strong ibuprofen and some antibiotics. All my qualms about the overprescribing of antibiotics and the end of the world occurring in an epidemic of resistant bacteria have flown out the window because my tooth hurts.
  • We've got flying ants (again) in the basement. This first happened a couple of years ago - we noticed all these little winged things in the laundry room. J, being the scientific mind that he is, looked up "termites" and kept coming up to me with these little things caught in a pair of tweezers saying things like, "Does this look like it has two body segments or three?" And I, being the wimpy girly girl that I am, kept saying "Ew! Get that thing away from me!" We called the exterminator and told him we didn't think it was termites. He told us, in the spirit of not getting our hopes up, I guess, that everybody always said they didn't think it was termites and it was usually termites. He came and took a look and he actually whistled - not a sound you want to hear from the exterminator. But it turned out that it wasn't termites (ha!), it was flying ants, and they had come in where the water pipe from the street comes into the basement. This is apparently an awesome location because they've come back every year, albeit significantly less.
  • It's going to be ninety degrees the next couple of days. I try not to complain too much, but I just can't stand the summer heat. Everybody always thinks a teacher's favorite season must be summer, but not me. I'm trying to plan as many air-conditioned activities as I can: story hour at the library, getting their pictures taken at the mall. I'm open to any suggestions. :)

But there's good stuff too!

  • Baby Sister is really starting to walk! She has been standing for a while now, and would take a couple of teetering steps before launching herself, giggling, into the arms of the nearest person, but she was perfectly content to keep crawling. She was a pretty fast crawler, too. But lately she has been getting braver and braver, covering greater distances. I just love how proud of themselves babies look when they begin to walk.
  • I finished the first monkey sock, and dutifully cast on for the second, although I really need to learn that two socks at once thing. The monkey is such a cute sock - I'm really loving it. Cookie is a genius.
  • I made some stitch markers, using this tutorial. Because I needed an addictive new hobby! Seriously, though, these are really fun. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but I'm having a good time trying things out. I've had those silverware beads since high school!

Glad I could end on a good note. I hope to take some WIP pictures soon - as soon as my projects look significantly different from the last time I posted pictures about them. :)