Saturday, June 16, 2007


Here is my lovely soft Inca alpaca yarn transitioning from the turtleneck shrug to a glee pullover. I was just never happy with the way the stitches looked in the ribbing, specifically the first stitch in every rib. It looked all wonky, I think you can even see it in the picture. I'd like to blame the yarn but it was probably just me. I would definitely like to try this pattern again someday, though.

Also in transition: some felted bowls. J seriously needs some organization to the top of his dresser, and I'm hoping these will help. Here are some before & after felting shots. I was happy with the results, especially considering that I was just kind of making it up as I went along and I hadn't really done much felting before. :)

The last thing on my needles (besides the montego bay scarf that I mentioned previously) is a pair of monkey socks. All the cool kids are doing it! Funny how as soon as you start knitting socks, you must always have a pair of socks in progress, no matter what else you are doing. Is that just me? They're not really in "transition," so there goes my theme, but I have just turned the heel, so maybe that counts. These are made from some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, the colorway is I think called forest, and the picture is not even close to the color they actually are. Oh well, you can still see the fabulous stitch pattern.

My boys are in transition, though, as Friday was their last day of school. Forgive me for using this space to shamelessly brag about my kids, but they really had a great year. Little Brother's teacher praised his "extraordinary capability" and "wonderful sense of humor," (is that code for "makes smart remarks all day"?) and Big Brother wrote a really touching essay on "the person I admire most." He chose his baby sister, how sweet is that? An excerpt:

"She is cute because she has a pink face when she first wakes up. It reminds me of her pink binky. She has a small nose. It is small like a marble. She has blue eyes that remind me of the ocean with dark hair that reminds me of the night sky. She is so cute I wouldn't trade her for $1,000,000,000."

I wouldn't trade any of them.