Monday, March 5, 2007

ready to go, a change of plans

And now, a knitting post!

The benatar guitar pillow is knit, embroidered, pinned together and ready to be stuffed and seamed. I plan to, as the pattern suggested, crochet the seams. I would have done so last night, but at Old Friend's knitting party to support Project Linus, I somehow ended up being the person who crocheted our knitted squares together into a blanket. I am really not proficient with crochet, and it makes my hands hurt in a way that knitting never does. So, the guitar will wait a couple of days. As you can see, Big Brother has become quite the Beatles fan.
As for other projects, my mercurial nature has struck again. The problem I have is that my yarn budget is pretty small. So when I have nice, soft, not-from-a-chain-craft-store yarn, I want to use it for Just The Right Project. I was using my Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for the hourglass sweater, but as I thought more about that, and the fact that it's March, and I knit kind of slow, and there are such pretty summery patterns in the new Interweave Knits . . .

I ripped it out and cast on this.

So pretty. This is the Tea Rose Halter. It's a little scary, what with being lace and all. I have knitted one other lace project, the yoga bag from Stitch & Bitch Nation. It came out, well, like my first lace project. But practice makes perfect. I will share progress as progress occurs.