Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Big Brother!!

He's 9 - I can't believe it. I think he had a great time at his party. I was happy about that, because he's a little shy (can't imagine where he gets that from) and this was the first year he had invited friends to his party. He had three friends over, and though I had planned several games to go with the party's NASCAR theme, they just decided they wanted to play outside, not that I blamed them. It's that special time of year, when the winter weather is loosening its grip and 50 degrees seems like tee-shirt weather. Actually, its a good thing they didn't end up playing the games, especially one in which I made Jell-O with candy wrenches and bolts at the bottom, and they had to get to the candy without using their hands. Fun, right? Well, my sister played the game with the boys after the party, and it turns out that hot liquid Jell-O will liquefy candy wrenches. But since they are preserved in the Jell-O, you won't know they have liquefied, they will look totally normal, until you eat your way down to them and let's just say it gets pretty disgusting. An archeological dig gone horribly wrong. So glad that happened to my sister and not Big Brother's friends.

Anyway, he had fun, loved his NASCAR cake:

and his knitted guitar, and now has more Beatles CD's than Old Friend, who was previously the biggest Beatles fan I knew. My mom definitely scored the favorite gift with an iPod shuffle, though. -sniff- I remember when his favorites were the soap crayons to scribble on the walls in the tub, or the shirt that looked just like Steve's from Blue's Clues . . .

ASAP, I'll get some pictures of him rocking out with his guitar, and put them up.

Happy Birthday, kid!!