Wednesday, March 28, 2007

guilt alleviated

Well, I feel better. I have finished socks for both boys, and begun socks for Baby Sister. Actually, I've begun them a couple of times, but the first time they came out too small - and I swatched, too! It seemed kind of ridiculous to knit a swatch for baby socks (it was not all that much different in size from the sock itself), but I'm using knitty's universal toe-up sock pattern in the interest of learning new things and trying toe-up socks, and a swatch is required. Here are Big Brother's socks:

They were nice and quick since he likes ankle socks, which was nice.

I don't know if it's related to the sock knitting, but the kids were all extra-sweet yesterday. Baby Sister said "mama" (!) and was all kissy and affectionate. When I got home from work, Little Brother was playing in the front yard, and he hopped in the passenger seat before I could even get out of the car, and told me all about his day and how great Tuesdays are because he has gym. (So different from my perspective when I was in school, btw.) Big Brother had me teach him to make friendship bracelets and then worked on them for hours, occasionally saying things like, "I really like making things." and "Friendship bracelets are really cool." And I know what you are thinking - yes, he has tried knitting, but he gave it up in frustration. Both boys finger-knit, but he might be ready to try the needles again soon.

So pretty soon I can knit something for myself without feeling bad about it! Just in time, becasue these are looking pretty good . . .