Thursday, January 17, 2008

shoot - I missed it!

I missed my own blogiversary, can you believe it?

As of January 12, I had officially been blogging for a whole year. This might not be a big deal for a person who still has that battered, dog-eared journal that chronicles their teenage years, but I am a person who still has a few pristine, mostly empty journals that chronicle a few weeks of a teenage year. So keeping this up for this long is pretty surprising for me. If only I had known the secret to maintaining a journal: let other people read it. But then everybody would have known that I thought Andy was cute and that Renee and I spent all of French class passing notes with random song lyrics on them and boy that Jess was a total bitch. (Ha! Just kidding on that last one.)

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick post to commemorate, and because I have been rather neglectful of the blog lately (ergo, missing my blogiversary). (Is "neglectful" a word?) I'll even be super-cheesy and link to my first post, in which I am very boring. And I will offer a promise to post more substantially later, really.

It's not like the journals, I swear.