Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What, again? WTF??

Okay, I'm blogging from work which I probably shouldn't do so I shall be brief.

We're rearranging furniture in our living room, to try and make things look a bit less, well, craptastic, and in doing so we plan to move our computer over a little bit. Not far, maybe about five feet. It will still be in the northeast corner of the room, but on the east wall as opposed to the north wall, to be probably way too specific. However, the cable wasn't long enough. No problem, J went out and picked up some more cable and some connectors and fixed it all up. Except now the modem is being cranky and we have no internet. Again. Thus ensued a ridiculously lengthy discussion of exactly how old the modem is, said discussion encompassing, among other things, in what order we re-did the rooms of the house after moving in, where J was and what he was doing while the cable guy was installing the modem, when I graduated from college, the ugly yellow couch in our basement, and J's truck. We think it's between four and five years old. Is that old, for a modem? I don't know. Sigh.

So what do you think, was it NaBloPoMo? I blogged everyday for a month therefore my ability to blog must be compromised for the next two months? Sigh again.