Saturday, January 26, 2008


I lied to my boss the other day. Yep. Right to his face.

See, I had told him about the egg donation (obviously, since I'll need time off) and he said he was interested and curious and did I mind if he asked a few questions. I said of course not - pretty much everybody I have told (you know, besides the entire internet) has asked questions. I'm figuring he'll ask what most people have: Do you know the couple you are donating to? What made you decide to do an egg donation? Stuff like that.

Well. That wasn't what he asked. He asked, "How do they retrieve the eggs?" And I just kind of went, "Ummm . . ." for a couple of seconds, and he continued, "Do they do it surgically, actually make an incision?" And I said, "Yes. Yes they do."

Which is a total lie. But I simply could not bring myself to say the word "vaginally" to my boss. Dude, he's like my dad's age. Plus I've known him for what, six weeks or so? I just couldn't do it. So there you go, that's where the title of the post is coming from. If you Googled your way here looking for something else, well, sorry about that.

While I'm on the topic, the egg donation process is moving right along. I'm having checkups a couple times a week now, for bloodwork and ultrasounds, and it looks like the whole thing will happen next week, maybe Wednesday-Thursday-ish. I'm excited about it . . . and also kind of looking forward to the whole thing being finished, I have to admit. All the poking and waiting and testing and yeah, especially the poking - it's a lot. I'm still happy I'm doing it, and I would still encourage more people to do it, but I will be glad when I'm done.

And hey, maybe I'll blog that day, while I'm all groggy and weird from anesthesia. That could be fun, right? :)