Friday, January 4, 2008

birthday girl

This is just a quick little post to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fabulous sister!

Crazy Aunt Nancy, as she is known to my children (a name she gave herself, btw, even if it is fitting), is funny and cool and the best person to call with a fashion issue. She knows way more about music than anybody else I know, and she makes family get-togethers both a lot louder and a lot more entertaining. Even though we are so very different, I love having a sister so close to my own age, a person to call when a memory strikes me and nobody else will appreciate it but her.

I alluded in my last post to her harrowing experience while babysitting my boys - in which my well-meaning mother insisted that she wash Baby Sister's diapers while she was watching the boys, as a nice little favor for me. Dude - if you have never experienced the washing of cloth diapers, I'm sure you can at least imagine it. J doesn't even go near this job. Oh, he'll change them, but after they are off the baby they're all mine. Poor Auntie Nancy described her laundry room horror - she was almost in tears - complete with her snarky little nephews laughing their heads off at her. "What do you mean, you're never having babies? Babies are cute." Really, the girl deserves a medal.

So, happy birthday Nancy! Hey - you know what I did shortly after turning 28? I started a blog! *hint, hint* :)