Wednesday, July 30, 2008


In keeping with my reputation as a joiner, I've decided to do the Ravelympics - similar to but not to be confused with the Knitting Olympics. (The latter is an every-four-year (quadrennial?) event held during the Winter Olympics and organized by the Yarn Harlot, and the former is being run through Ravelry. As if you didn't already know that.) I've signed up for two events - how fun is it that they have events? - the Cowl Jump and the Mitten Medley. I'm very much looking forward to it.

Here's the thing though: I might be cheating. You're supposed to cast on during the Opening Ceremonies and knit the item(s) while watching the Games, finishing up at the Closing Ceremonies two weeks later. I, however, will be camping during that first week (yay!) and will miss both the Opening Ceremonies and all the events that week (boo - the Olympics are the only sports I like!). I plan to find out when the Opening Ceremonies are happening and cast on then, and work on the project that week. I will at least be wanting to watch the Olympics, and when I get back I will definitely be watching them. I hope that still counts - not that there are any Ravelympics Police or anything. What do you think?

Anyway - the projects. My goal is to knit two cowls and as many mittens as I can. Scratch that - a goal should be a number. Two cowls and three pairs of mittens. It might not be much for some people, but I think it's pretty ambitious for me and my f%$*ing schedule. Now, which cowls and mittens, you ask?

The mittens might just all be the same - evangelines, but adapted to make them full mittens. These are for gifts, and I think all the people I have in mind will like the pattern. They might even all be the same yarn, this Baruffa Maratona left over from Baby Sister's BSJ.

I overdyed it to a pretty teal color because I don't think most people like chartreuse the way I do. Go figure.

Speaking of which, the first cowl I plan to make is the Philly cowl, using some chartreuse yarn. I actually have chartreuse choices: either more of that Maratona that I didn't overdye, or some Inca Alpaca that's been marinating in the stash for a while.

The second cowl is the crofter's cowl, and I'm excited about it because I get to use that yummy malabrigo I picked up at Webs in April. Both the cowls are for me - did I mention that? I'm terribly evil for being so much more psyched about them than about the mittens, but there it is.

In the meantime, I've been working on stuff I've already got on the needles, or if I haven't felt like doing that, starting really small stuff I know I can finish in a night or two. As a result, I've got:

chevron socks. I really liked the Wool in the Woods yarn, but I'm not all that thrilled with the socks. I did a crappy job dividing up the yarn between the socks - had to do it twice - so they don't quite match and they have unnaturally long ribbing at the top. Not that I'm bothered enough to, you know, actually fix them. I'm not a big fan of ripping and reknitting and they're not for anybody but me.

I've also got more Christmas mittens, these made from some handspun. I love the color on these, and how the garter stitch looks.

Big Brother was enlisted as my hand model, but Baby Sister wanted a turn too. :)

Last but not least, I used up some leftovers to cushion my bff ipod and this year's cell phone. I don't usually have a cell phone, but I like to get a pay-as-you-go deal for our camping trip. Goodness knows how the pay phone at the campground will be, if it's even still there.

So who else is doing the Ravelympics?