Tuesday, July 15, 2008

8 years old

Well, the kids’ birthdays are finished for the year – thank goodness. I hope it doesn’t make me too evil to say that, but planning and hosting parties are really not my favorite thing to do. Not that I don’t like seeing family, and we always have a good time, but I’m, you know, tired. And apparently not organized enough to get these things ready in a timely manner; all three kids this year have had their parties the week after their actual birthdays.

Anyway, this time around was Little Brother, who turned 8 on the 3rd. The crappy thing about summer birthdays for kids is that it’s hard to get friends from school to come to a party. Little Brother hasn’t had much luck with it in years past, so this year he decided to just invite family. The good thing, however, about summer birthdays is cookouts. And ice-cream cake.

This one was made from ice-cream sandwiches layered with Cool Whip (thank you, Real Simple). And yes, I did leave his name off partly because it wouldn’t fit, but also so I could put a picture on the blog. More evil Mommy!

Little Brother warmed his mother’s geeky heart by asking for awesome gifts like an ant farm, a rock polisher, and Legos. FYI – polishing rocks is a process that takes weeks, which makes sense when you think about it but was a great big surprise when we first looked at the directions (“Check your rocks in – 14 days!! What??”). Luckily, Little Brother’s favorite thing is numbers, and figuring out the date we need to check on each step (oh yes – there are several steps) then keeping track of how many days are left is right up his alley. Actually, I think his very favorite gift was a pedometer from my sister-in-law. He had long admired her “step-counter,” and was very excited to have one of his own. Though he didn’t put it on until late afternoon, he immediately set about getting in his 10,000 steps for the day. By running around the house, with Big Brother close behind to provide, um, motivation. No, really, I mean around the house:

Speaking of my sister-in-law, she brought along Brand-new Niece. And here’s a gratuitous cute baby picture!

Oooh, those chubby legs! The birthday boy, on the other hand, refused to let me get a good picture.

Little punk. He did have a good time though; there were plenty of smiles when the camera wasn't pointed his way. Overall, I think everybody had a good time. And no more kid birthdays until March, hallelujah.

And I'll be sure to show you how the rocks turn out. :)