Tuesday, March 4, 2008

much better

The third time really is, apparently, the charm.

This is now everything you might want in a neckwarmer: warm, really soft, and (as I named it in my Ravelry notebook) completely nonthreatening. And go figure - if you make it a normal size, you have enough leftover for some fun nubby handwarmers.

Well, almost enough.

Why, Berroco Ultra Alpaca, what are you doing here?

Somewhat loosely connected to the theme of "much better" - I went out and voted this morning. Which I've done since I was old enough to do so (I missed the 1996 presidential election by a month!), but this was the first time it felt like . . . well, what one imagines the democratic process should feel like. Yay for not having to choose the proverbial lesser of two evils.