Monday, March 17, 2008

birthday party

So, Birthday Party #2: The School-Friend Edition was this weekend. As I mentioned before, Big Brother wanted a science theme, complete with experiments (I swear, I didn't influence that decision). I planned some involving airflow, rotational inertia, friction - some of which we did perform and some we didn't - but the biggest hit?

The kids were very, um, enthusiastic with the slime. A bunch of ten-year-old boys, go figure.

It wasn't anything complicated, just cornstarch and water (which, if you've never mixed, you need to do so right now. No, really. You can read this later.). My original plan was to have each kid have his own cup to mix it in, then be able to take it out and play around. I provided food coloring too, which may have been a mistake.

The individual cup idea lasted about five minutes before one kid asked, "Hey Mrs. Big Brother's mom, can we have a big bowl to mix it all together?"

At least I was smart enough to have them take that outside. They really, really got into it.

I just tried not to think about, well . . .

All in all, the party was a success. Actually, I was told that it was "the best party ever" and it "creamed Monster Golf." High compliments indeed. Most of the kids went home with green hands (at least Monday was St. Patrick's Day - they were festive), but luckily I had written that it might get messy right on the invitation. I haven't gotten any calls from angry parents . . . not yet, anyway.

I do have to say, though, I'm glad Baby Sister wouldn't be interested in that sort of thing and that Little Brother's birthday's not until July.

I need some time to clean up my kitchen.

PS - totally unrelated - does anybody know how to get chocolate soymilk out of jeans?