Monday, March 10, 2008

double digits

Big Brother is 10! Happy birthday kid!

Each birthday of your kids makes you feel a bit older, but 10 - that's a big one. I've officially been a mom for a whole decade. I wonder when exactly I'll start to feel like I know what I'm doing . . .

Anyway. The lucky punk's going to have two parties, mainly because he procrastinated in letting me know what kids he wanted to invite. By the time the invitations were ready, to have the party on his actual birthday (yesterday) would have been like, "Hey, want to come to a birthday party? Um, tomorrow?" So yesterday we had family over and next week he'll have his friends come - we're going to do fun science experiments and make stuff like slime and baking-soda-and-vinegar rockets. I'm totally looking forward to it.

Yesterday, of course, was a lot of fun too. It was marked by a strange (for Big Brother, anyway) lack of NASCAR paraphernalia. (Perhaps he has it all?) Instead, there was a bit of this

and a little bit of this.

Such big kid gifts!

It was also great to see family that we really don't see often enough. I couldn't believe how big Brand-new Niece had gotten! (I also can't believe I didn't get any pictures of Brand-new Niece!) I was very happy to get to hold her, and also happy that after holding her - feeling how little and soft she was, inhaling that milky baby smell - I still don't want another one. Phew.

Happy birthday, Big Brother!!

(This last picture was taken about a half-second before that big grinning head was smacked by his brother. Both boys were sorely disappointed I didn't capture the actual smack. Boys.)