Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope you all have a lovely day, whether or not it is a special day for you. May your eggs be colorful, your family be cheerful, and the Easter Bunny bring you lots of chocolate.

We just made it on the colorful eggs; we did them last night.

Our eggs were brown, so they're kind of sepia-toned. They're more, um, classy that way. Well, maybe not the ones the boys put into every color. As J put it, they certainly look like something that may have come out of the bottom of a chicken. Don't worry, my boys find that kind of thing hilarious. Maybe I can make them look pretty with some artsy-type shots . . .


We'll be heading off to my mom's later today, for what will surely be the usual loud, fun family get-together. I predict some fairly competitive Uno, some green bean casserole, and a box of Girl Scout cookies for everybody. Mmmm, Girl Scout cookies.

Happy Easter, internets! Have a great day!