Friday, October 5, 2007

yay k'nex swift!

Okay, I'm re-doing this post to include directions on building a k'nex swift. I've seen a couple of them on blogs and on craftster, but no instructions. So here's how I made mine.

First, here's the pieces of the base, partially assembled, so you can see which pieces I used:

They get put together like this: (Hi, Baby Sister!)
Here is the top swift part:
You take off the little tan piece at the top of the base, put the swift part on top of the gray post, and replace the tan piece. Give it a spin!

Next, you snap these red bars into the pieces on the ends of the swift:

Finally, you can put on your yarn and happily wind away.

Now I guess I need to make a ball winder. That seems a bit more complicated, though. :)