Wednesday, October 17, 2007

state of the knitting

But first - what's almost as fun as getting your Ravelry invite? Your best friend getting her Ravelry invite! And now I can officially tell you: her name's not really Old Friend, it's Jess. There - she's been outed. Go stalk her!
No, really, she has a new blog and her Ravelry name's lilypotter. Go say hi!

So, the knitting. It has not all been forsaken in favor of spinning (yet). (I did venture into the land of plying, though, and it was pretty awesome.) I finished up J's mittens in time for our anniversary. Here they are, modeled by Big Brother:

I've also worked a bit on the Roza's socks for my mom's birthday in November. I've finished the first sock, and I am currently doing battle with SSS. Because, at the time, I thought re-winding the yarn into two balls would be a bigger pain in the ass. Rethinking that now. I'm trying to focus just on these, which will hopefully ward off that sense of distraction. I think having so many things going at once may have been a contributing factor. It can be bloody boring, but I know myself well enough to know I better finish before the wheel arrives (release date: October 21 - squee!).
At this rate, that Christmas list isn't getting any shorter . . .