Tuesday, October 23, 2007

weekend getaway

J and I try to get away every year for our anniversary. In the past, we've done overnight trips, but Baby Sister's still a little young for that. Last year, we did the classic dinner-and-a-movie (even boring dates rock when you don't usually get to go on dates!) and this Saturday we went out for the afternoon.

We has a sort-of plan, but it didn't really get followed. First of all, we managed to take the wrong turn and found ourselves at the bridge into Newport. It offended my frugal New England nature (yeah, yeah - selectively frugal) to pay the toll to cross the bridge, turn around, and pay the toll again to go back. I know, it's $2, but it bugged me. So we walked around Newport a little while, people-watched, and eventually turned back. We stayed off the highway, figuring we'd stop whenever we saw something interesting.

Here's the Gilbert Stuart house, one thing we stopped at. We are total suckers for historical/geeky things. All our trips are like school field trips.

We arrived there just in time to miss their last tour of the day, so we just hung around and took some pictures.

Eventually we ended up in Wickford. As soon as we got there, J said it looked like a place that would have a yarn store, and sure enough, there it was. Not only that, but the first thing I saw when I walked in was a display of lovely J. Knits merino roving. Of course some had to follow me home. This is the Cincinnati colorway.

It's the beginning of a whole 'nother stash. Kind of scary.

And that was about it - we spent the day just walking around, going nowhere in particular. Reading it over, it kind of sounds like a disappointing day: getting lost, missing the tour, etc. It really wasn't, though. We just enjoyed the weather and each other's company.
I'd call it a success.