Thursday, April 19, 2007


Since I started knitting, I've heard about how knitting in public will cause all sorts of people to come up to you and check out what you are doing. I always wondered exactly where these people were knitting, because that never happened to me. Depending on what I was working on, this may be have been due to the sweating and cursing, but still.
Well, today a guy came up to me while I was working on Baby Sister's sock (they should be done about the time we wear the same shoe size). "Bootie?" he asked, and I replied that yes, it was a sock. He asked if it was for a niece or nephew, and I said it was for my daughter, at which point he asked if I was expecting. Now, I hope this was because of the stereotype of the pregnant lady knitting baby booties and not because of my appearance. He also was surprised by the fact that Baby Sister was home with her dad and I was out knitting at a coffeeshop. Yes, people, I was approached by the guy from 1955!
Still, it was nice. It's funny how a hobby that seems so solitary has actually made me much more likely to talk to strangers.