Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter art

I love decorating eggs with the kids!
Something about these holiday activities makes all of us act like kids. J, for example, is normally very serious, but he always has a great time making paper snowflakes at Christmas, decorating the Easter eggs, etc. (Actually, one year he had a little too much fun and made an egg with a picture of a naked lady on it. That one hid at the bottom of the basket, away from impressionable young eyes.) This year, since the boys are fanatics for anything motor-related, we got a kit to make veh-egg-cles, to quote the label. The school bus:

We also played around with food coloring, because the kit came with a grand total of three colors. And Little Brother continued in his tradition of putting the same egg in every color. Usually it comes out looking like an egg-shaped turd, but this year it's pretty cool - it's the one on the right.

And finally, what it would look like if Picasso designed fire trucks:

Have a relaxing holiday, internets. Don't eat too much chocolate.