Saturday, April 14, 2007

just a quick post

. . . because I'm really tired. It's been kind of a rough week: the baby's sick (and tomorrow was supposed to be her birthday party - the Big Oh-One), sleeping around here's been kind of iffy, it was the end of the quarter at school which means doing lots of grades and comments, and my camera is, I think, broken. Bleargh. I'm terribly sorry to make anybody read my whining, so I will quit now. I hope to post soon with some actual knitting, and perhaps J can work his magic handyman fix-it-ness and there'll be pictures too. Cross your fingers, or if that will impede your knitting, perhaps your toes.
In the meantime, some images from Baby Sister's first year, AKA gratuitous pictures of my beautiful daughter:

How quickly it goes by. The first birthday is so bittersweet!