Saturday, February 17, 2007


I don't think I have ever been quite so glad to see the end of a week as this one. The weather, viruses, and even the very circle of life conspired to keep me from knitting, from blogging, from keeping my sanity.

First the teacher for whom I have been covering had her baby. Yay! So now I am covering some of her husband's classes as well. This would be totally fine if he had left something for me to, say, do with his students. I mean, he had to know the baby thing was coming, right? I realize that the time just before the birth of your firstborn is not a period of particularly clear thinking, but still.

So when I heard the forecast of a big storm for Wednesday, I was pretty psyched. A snow day! Perfect timing! But no. Instead of powdery white goodness, there fell from the sky slushy wet crap that flash-froze when the sun went down, turning all the world (or at least, my little corner of the world) into a skating rink. And there was still school.

But wait, there's more! Since I last posted, the boys have been sick, I have been sick, J has been sick, Old Friend has been sick and Magic Baby has been sick. The boys got it first and were getting better just in time for me to start working a much longer schedule and the person who normally picks them up from school to catch the bug. Thank goodness for grandparents willing to jump in at a moment's notice. Several times in the same week.

So now it's Saturday, and in a word - whew.

There are some FO's to speak of, and I will get around to taking pictures and posting them ASAP.