Tuesday, February 6, 2007

the parade of WIP's

And a sad little procession it is. Going back to work has seriously slowed down the knitting. You wouldn't think this would be true for a job that is essentially two hours a day, but a teaching job is not really like that. There's a lot of prep, a lot of correcting, plus a drive of about 45 minutes each way. I'm enjoying it, though.

Anyway, the first WIP is actually somewhat of an FO, or an ex-FO. I had mentioned before about frogging the calorimetry headband/hat thingy after cutting off all my hair, and that I was using the yarn, a lovely soy/wool blend in pinks and purples, for a hat. Well, here's the hat, modeled by an oh-so-enthusiastic-looking Big Brother:

I still wasn't really happy with it; I'm not sure why. So I ripped it out, again, and gave the yarn a bath. Its true calling will reveal itself to me eventually.

I'm also working on this, a knitting bag made from recycled sari silk and some red cheapo acrylic yarn. I put the red in for thicker fabric, more durability, and because the sari silk has so many colors it was a little overwhelming by itself. I've got very little done, and, as I said, the going's been slow.

Next off the needles will be these, mitered square blocks from Vickie Howell's New Knits on the Block book, in three different colors of Wool-ease. These are for Magic Baby's first birthday in a couple of weeks. This pattern was really cool because each side of the block is attached as you knit it. In the end there are only two seams to sew up. I just need to finish the last one and stuff them with foam.

Baby Sister seems to like them!

And finally, because I've been on a tear about eradicating disposable products from my life (although toilet paper will always be welcome), this will become a sponge once finished and stuffed with a piece of foam. It's plain cotton, leftover from knitting diaper liners for Baby Sister, half stockinette and half garter stitch so each side will have a different texture. I'm not quite sure how well the sponge will work, but the diaper liners have been great so I'm pretty optimistic.

I need to be a less schizophrenic knitter!!