Friday, January 19, 2007

There are others out there like me!

Okay, having poked around the blogosphere a while, I knew that, but reading blogs and meeting actual people are two different things. In other words, I really enjoyed my first knitting group experience. I met some really nice people, got to ogle some really nice knitting, and got a good start on my calorimetry headband/hat-thingy. The yarn is Paton's Soy Wool Stripes and it is so soft and pretty. I'm loving the colors - this colorway is called Natural Geranium - and I think the striping looks pretty cool with the short rows. This is what it looked like last night:

This morning I spent Baby Sister's nap knitting (as opposed to cleaning/laundry/dishes/etc. - oh well) and the calorimetry is finished:

And the arty close-up shot:

I liked this pattern a lot; it was quick and it looks cool. Mine came out kind of big, as you can tell in comparing how it fits on my head vs how it fits on the model's head. Either that or I have a tiny, tiny head . . .

Anyway, that was fixed by altering the placement of the button. No problem. I guess that's what I get for substituting yarns without swatching. But all in all I am mighty pleased. Now back to those mittens!