Tuesday, January 23, 2007

a relaxed birthday

Yesterday was J's birthday - happy birthday J! He took the day off from work and we just kind of hung around, played with the baby, relaxed. It was quite nice. We did venture out to a Mexican restaurant where I got the biggest burrito I have ever seen in my life. I swear, the thing was as big as my thigh. And Baby Sister charmed the corporate lunchers at the next table, which is always fun.

Thankfully, I did manage to finish J's mittens on time. I know, mittens are not exactly a huge project, but I am not the quickest of knitters, especially doing magic loop on my circulars with the weirdo twisty cables. If I ever win the lottery I'm spending it all on Addi Turbos. (note to self: Play the lottery.) Here is the FO:

The AFK is an inside joke that would not be all that funny even if I explained it. It amused me at the time. And, incidentally, I came across kind of a dilemma when knitting it: I finished the first row of the design and realized that since I was knitting in the round, I would either have to carry the red yarn all the way around the back of the mitten or cut the yarn and use a different strand for each row of the design. Since it was only five rows, that's what I did, but it left a lot of ends to weave in and made some of the stitches end up a little sloppy. Was there another option I overlooked? Anyway, J liked them and reported that the kept his fingers warm and all one color during his morning jog. And that's really all I was asking for.