Wednesday, March 4, 2009

project spectrum: north

This year's Project Spectrum theme is Cardinal Directions. I've never done Project Spectrum before, but it seems like a terrific KAL. There's a lot of enthusiasm and participation, and the participants are all so talented, posting gorgeous photos of gorgeous projects. So it inspires me to "up my game," if you will. Also, it's flexible and open to interpretation, which makes it both fun and a good fit. So in I go.

The first theme is North. If I step outside my door and look north, this is what I see:

Looks pretty apropos of "north" right now. The frozen north. But that's not what north makes me think of.

When I think of north, I think of "up north." As in, camping. We rarely refer to the place where we go every year as New York, Schroon Lake, Pottersville, or Eagle Point. It's "up north."
We'll have to try this recipe up north this year.
I hope the weather up north isn't too rainy.
This tie-dyed shirt? Reese got it in one of the hippie shops up north. (There are a lot of those in Lake George.)

I was never a camper until I became part of J's family, but I've grown quite fond of up north. This time of year, I bet it's beautiful.

photo of upstate NY in winter courtesy of