Saturday, February 28, 2009

do you think planting seeds can will spring to arrive?

I'm hoping so.

The kids and I started a bunch of seeds yesterday, despite the forecast of snow tomorrow. We planted carrots, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, and oregano. (I must have been thinking of J's salsa.) Also some flowers - pink ones, at Jane's demand request. They really got into it.

So will they grow? I've got no idea. We've had limited success with tomatoes and peppers in years past, though we've never tried carrots or zucchini. Herbs usually turn out okay for us. Anyway, the results are almost beside the point. (Almost. I really like tomatoes.) I want the boys to have a long-term project over the summer, something that will require some attention and responsibility, like their schoolwork does during the year. Sure, they have regular chores, but they might actually enjoy a garden. And seeing the results, feeling that satisfaction of growing something tangible? You know what I'm talking about, knitters.

I wanted the little peat pots, but I couldn't find them. Not at the, um, one store I went to, anyway. So I bought paper cups. It felt sort of dirty, but I think I'll get over it. Can you recycle them after you've grown seedlings in them, do you think? Anyone?

Assuming they grow, the boys and I will clear a spot in the backyard and plant them come spring. Because it is coming. Really.